A place to slow down and relax in an oasis of peace in the city, and connect with like-minded people at our events for educators, leaders and environmental activists.

The pop-up mindfulness hub will run from 5th to the 13th September at Newspeak House  - 133 Bethnal Green Road, E2 7DG (click here for directions).

The Mindfulness Hub will be run by monks and nuns trained directly by Thich Nhat Hanh. They will share his teachings on mindfulness, engaged Buddhism, global ethics, and his compassionate, insightful responses to the most challenging issues of our times.

The monks and nuns will offer early morning sitting meditations, mindful lunches, guided relaxation sessions and workshops, for local mindfulness communities, and special events for those working in social enterprises, social workers and corporate organisations, teachers and environmentalists.

5th - 13th September 2017 (No tickets required for morning meditation & mindful lunch)
Lunch (12.30 -13.30)
Hub closed on Tuesday during the day whilst we joyfully set up
7.30 - 8 Meditation
Drop-in 10 to 12
Mindful Lunch&Relaxation
BYO (vegan/vegetarian)
Private Event
7.30 - 8 Meditation
Drop-in 10 - 11
Mindful Lunch&Relaxation
BYO (vegan/vegetarian)
Drop-in 3 - 4 pm
7.30 - 8 Meditation
Mindful Lunch&Relaxation
BYO (vegan/vegetarian)
Drop-in 3 - 5 pm
Private Event
8 – 8.30 Meditation
Day of Mindfulness for those who practise in local all-aged Plum 
Village Mindfulness Sangha (www.hols.org.uk)
8 – 8.30 Meditation
Day of Mindfulness for those who practise in local young adults
Plum Village Mindfulness Sangha (www.wakeuplondon.org)
Mindfulness Hub Closed - Rest day
7.30 – 8 Meditation
Private Event 9 am - 2 pm
Closed for the afternoon
7.30 - 8 Meditation
Clearing up the hub, impermanence in action

There will also be a number of events especially for those who practise with their local sanghas (groups who practise mindfulness in the Plum Village tradition). Please see Heart of London and Wake Up London websites for more information.

Early morning sitting meditations and mindful Bring Your Own (BYO) lunches are free and do not require tickets (donations welcome but totally optional).

Wheelchair access is available and blind & visually impaired people are also very welcome – please contact us to let us know when you will be coming so we can greet you suitably. Unfortunately we were unable to obtain a hearing loop for the hub.

The hub will be at Newspeak House at the top of Brick lane. The address is 133 Bethnal Green Road, E2 7DG (click here for directions).

We are hosting 4 special events. Click for further information and to book.

We have priced our tickets to cover the cost of the event but do not want to exclude anyone who cannot afford the ticket prices. Please contact us if you need a bursary.

The London Mindfulness Hub is a collaborative venture between Plum Village monks and nuns, the Wake Up London community of young mindfulness practitioners, and the Heart of London all-ages sangha, with support from the UK Community of Interbeing (a registered charity).

Thank you everyone who donated to the crowdfunding campaign and made this possible. 

Our exciting long-term vision is to create a sustainable model for urban mindfulness practice hubs which can be run collaboratively on a non-profit basis by residential practitioners. If you would like to support this Mindfulness Hub and the intention for future hubs you can donate here.

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